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You cannot talk about North Charleston without talking about the Noisette project. Although it is only a small part of North Charleston, it is the coming attraction.

In general, North Charleston has had a bad rap in the past, but is being revitalized and becoming a more respectable address to choose for your home. Homeowners are anxious to make the neighborhoods safe and friendly. If you don't care what your fellow worker might think, you can laugh all the way to the bank by choosing a wonderful home on or near the river, conveniently located to eliminate a long commute.

Sometimes parts of North Charleston are now considered Summerville. Check your map for the exact address.

June 2007 = Progress seems slow. This is a huge undertaking and the bordering unsightly industrial community is a hurdle to overcome. This is a neighborhood for the "explorer" and "adventurer". Mixson is a project to watch, see below. It may be the catalyst needed to move things forward


North Charleston is home to the Noisette project. This area is bounded on the east by the Cooper River, the main tributary of Charleston's harbor. The community includes a variety of distinct neighborhoods, acres of parks, six schools, retail districts, and the new River Center, under development on the old North Charleston Naval Base property.  

Noisette is a 3,000 acre city-within-a-city.The Noisette plan is encouraging increased density in the city area, walking-distance access between neighborhoods and city/commercial resources, improved and integrated city/regional transit options, reduced and slower traffic flow, expanded open space and recreational options, and reestablishment of community links to major environmental assets like the Cooper River.




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Park Circle     

Liberty Hill of Park Circle was founded in 1878 as a community of freed slaves. This area includes many homes occupied by fifth generation owners. The layout of Park Circle, which includes a mixed-use recreation center designed in the late 19th century, still reflects its original vision as a melting pot for residents who enjoy recreation.


North Charleston High School 

Located on the Montague Avenue.


Century Oaks 


East Montague Shopping 

This area has been revitalized to give the appearance of how it did in the olden days. Enjoy walking on these quaint street after enjoying breakfast at one of the cafes.


River Center

River Center is the area around the old officers' quarters and is currently filled with old large estate homes which are dilapidated and some are even boarded up. This is a great place to renovate a stately piece of property because the end result will be magnificent.

There are plans to renovate the Old Powerhouse in Beaux Arts style to become a central focus in the area.

Already diverse restaurants are appearing on Montague adding a flavor of interest to the community. Riverfront Park will reconnect the community to the marshlands of Noisette Creek with views of the Cooper River. 




Targeted for integrated restoration as a sustainable community, the Noisette area contains a racially and economically diverse population of 13,000 people, plus a daily influx of thousands of workers, shoppers, students and others. It includes a wide mix of neighborhoods, retail areas, industries, schools, municipal buildings and parks, many of which have remained relatively stable in profile despite the rapid development of the Charleston/North Charleston metropolitan area.

Who’s behind the Noisette project?

In a unique public-private partnership, the Noisette Company and the City of North Charleston teamed up in the late 1990s to revitalize the Noisette area. In exchange for the right to purchase 400 acres of old Navy base property , a small portion of the land promised to the city after the Navy’s departure, Noisette Company principal John Knott agreed to launch a master planning effort on an unprecedented scale. The plan seeks to preserve historic architectural styles, neighborhood diversity and the area’s unique social fabric. For more information about this project, CLICK HERE to visit their website. 


Only 33 homes are found in this secluded waterfront commnity coveniently located off I-526 and Leeds Avenue, a stone's toss to the airport, outlets malls, and the Ashley River. Closely located to various office complexes.


This riverfront community enjoys 12' deep water during low tide and many of the homes have docks. Close to 526 as many of these riverfront neighborhoods are, the location is convenient to the airport, AFB, and outlet and discount shopping.



Also within sight of the river, this community offers a gated facility.



There are a plethora of new home communities popping up all over North Charleston. To name a few =Mixson, The Elms, Oak Terrace Preserve, Ancient Oaks, Paddock Point, Antler Point, Runnymeade Farm.

Oak Terrace Preserve
"Oak Terrace Preserve (55 acres) in North Charleston is a grand vision to revitalize Noisette, an old Navy base along the Cooper River. The plan includes development of 370 new homes (300 homes and 70 townhomes) and the adaptive re-use of many Navy buildings for the downtown business district. This new "green" community will be will be ecologically and environmentally focused. Master planning is underway and Centex Homes has been selected as one of the featured builders in the community."

Life in Oak Terrace means walking distance from schools, Old Village stores and restaurants, churches, the Danny Jones recreation center, Park Circle, and the new Riverfront Park. Oak Terrace Preserve is designed as a sustainable community with hundreds of grand trees being protected. Networks of parks, bioswales and backyard rain gardens control runoff while helping restore the surrounding watershed. A bio-filtering stormwater system handles runoff while replenishing struggling creek ecosystems with pollution-free water feeding the small parks and the nearby Fillbin Creek Restoration Project.   In every way, the whole idea of development has been reengineered to enhance the quality of air, water and earth. Energy efficient home designs and technologies save money and cut the waste of dwindling resources.



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Mixson October Newsletter

from I'On Group  

With the exception of Mixson,  I don't typically sell homes in the N. Charleston area, but I am in touch with the better Realtors who work extensively in this area. I am happy to recommend one to you. Just let me know what your preferences are in a Realtor and I will match that with the most competent Realtor working there.


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